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September 24, 2012

GILDEMEISTER is pleased with autumn trade fairs
Steady demand from Germany and the USA

Bielefeld. With order intake of € 93,7 million overall and 377 machines sold, GILDEMEISTER takes positive stock of the AMB in Stuttgart and the IMTS in Chicago. At the main autumn trade fairs demand for machine tools proved to be steady.

At the AMB in Stuttgart , which ended on Saturday, DMG / MORI SEIKI, as the largest exhibitor, presented 40 exhibits – including eight world premieres – over 2,000 square metres. A total of 6,034 trade visitors visited the booth seeking information on innovative technologies and forwardlooking product trends, such as automation solutions.

The IMTS in Chicago (10-15 September) was also successful. DMG / MORI SEIKI showed 45 high-tech machines specifically for the American market. More than 6,500 trade visitors visited the main trade fair for production technologies in the USA.

GILDEMEISTER expects a further boost from the forthcoming industry trade fairs, the BIMU in Milan (2-6 October 2012) and the JIMTOF in Japan (1-6 November 2012). The autumn trade fairs confirm the business development in line with plans. The figures for the third quarter 2012 will be published on 25 October 2012.

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